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Fitness = Exercise and Nutrition (Start Here)


I know you’ve heard it before, and I know there are those of you who struggle with this concept, it’s not a surprise. If we were simple machines who took gas to power, we would probably abide by this rule. It’s prudent to remember that we aren’t simple machines, and that we, as humans, respond to things in a much different manner than simply looking at food as gasoline to power our engines. If there is one thing I want you to take away from reading through these sections, it’s that health and fitness involve listening to yourself, taking note of the changes, and asking yourself how you feel. Fitness comes from working out and proper nutrition, not just one, and not just the other.

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* How much? 20 grams of high quality protein (Or 9 grams of Essential Amino Acids) * When? Within 2 hours of every session of exercise or within every 4 hours of any meal. * What kind? Whey Protein or BCAAs after exercise are most effective. Egg Protein, or Casein Protein should be taken before bed or more prolonged periods between eating.

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Lifting Basics 1: How to Start


* To make it a habit, you have to do it regularly * Have a goal in mind beforehand (Long Term, Middle Term, Short Term), so that you CAN assess yourself, that way you can see progress! * Increase your weight, or your intensity a little each time * If you miss a day, go right back to the day you should have done, no judging * Mirror, not scale, is your gauge * You are your best competitor, try to be better than yesterday, choose a few things to work on

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Fats in Your Diet.


* Decrease saturated fats in your diet, this will decrease bad cholesterol and total cholesterol. * Substitute unsaturated fats, this will lower the creation of other fats by your body, while decreasing fat storage in your fat cells. * Trans fats are unsaturated but NOT good for you, lower these in your diet as well. * Consider taking Omega III supplements with any caloric restriction diet

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Controlling Carbohydrates


* Find low Glycemic Index (GI) foods to replace High GI foods. * Excess carbohydrates increase Bad Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and produce more Fatty Acids. * Think about incorporating lemon juice, vinegar or something a bit more acidic when you do eat high GI foods in order to lower the glycemic index.

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