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Seated Wide Grip Row

Muscle Groups Worked:


How to Perform This Exericse:

1) In the seated upright position in front of a pulley, using a long bar, place your hands in a wide position outside the spread of your lats.

2) Start with your arms fully extended, keeping completely upright.  You should not be moving your lower back, it should stay stationary.

3) From the beginning position with your upper back slightly arched, drive your arms back to the final position, with your upper back arched as much as possible.

4) Remember to keep your arms perpendicular (A 90 degree angle) to your chest throughout the movement, do not bring them in to your sides.

Do not use your lower back to provide momentum for this exercise, that’s a great way to hurt yourself and work your lower back instead of your upper back.  This is a great exercise for your rhomboids primarily and your traps/lats.