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Rope Pushdowns with Flare

Muscle Groups Worked:


How to Perform This Exericse:

1) Begin in the standing position, with your feet shoulder width apart, and your elbows tucked against the side of your body.

2) Keeping your elbows stationary, extend your arms in a downward motion until they reach the bottom.

3) At the bottom of the motion, flare the bottom of your fists out toward the sides (Toward your body while rotating outward) as much as possible.

4) Slowly return to the starting position

Notes: You should NOT: lean into the exercise, use momentum from your legs, or work other muscles other than triceps and some stabilization muscles.  Rotating your hands toward your body while moving outward is the key to the “Flare” portion of this exercise, and works to maximally hit the medial aspect of the tricep.