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Lat Pull Downs (Wide Grip)

Muscle Groups Worked:


How to Perform This Exericse:

1) Begin by grasping a wide bar with your thumbs at least shoulder width apart on a pulley machine with a knee supports.

2) With your legs locked in place, pull the weight down below your chin with your back in a nearly straight up and down position.

3) Contract your lats as much as possible downward and back to expand your chest as much as possible at the bottom of the exercise.

4) Slowly return to the start position with your arms straight up as much as possible.

Notes: Avoid leaning back to pull the weight down, this will use your lower back and have your rhomboids participate in pulling the weight.  Do not use momentum when pulling the weight down by swinging yourself backward, this is not working the intended muscle groups, and will not garner you additional gains — only the reward of back problems.  The closer your grip, the more biceps involvement, the further away your grip, the more lat is involved.  A full contraction at the bottom of the movement is key, as well as a full extension along the top of the movement.