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Dumbbell Seated Military Press

Muscle Groups Worked:


How to Perform This Exericse:

1) Start seated with your hands shoulder width apart holding two dumbbells at the level of your head, with the innermost part of the dumbbell above the outside of your shoulders.

2) With your elbows at a 90 degree angle to your body,  raise the dumbbell in an upward fashion to the arms locked out position above your head.

3) It is not necessary to touch the dumbbells together, but you may do so at the top of the movement.  With a controlled motion, lower the dumbbells back toward the beginning position.


Keep your chest expanded throughout the movement, and don’t tilt your head too far backward or you will have problems taking a deep breath during the exercise, resulting in a poorer performance. Try not to shrug your shoulders too much, as this is mostly a deltoid exercise.