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Dumbbell Rows

Muscle Groups Worked:


How to Perform This Exericse:

1) Start with one knee and the same side hand supporting your bodyweight on a bench.

2) With your other leg flared backward, while holding the weight in your other hand, above the floor, pull the weight up to your side, below your shoulder as far as is possible, expand your at the end to get a complete contraction.

3) Keeping your shoulder stationary through the motion, bring the weight back toward the floor as far extended as possible.

You don’t need to have one leg on a bench, you can just stabilize yourself with a hand on a bench.  Keep in mind that the primary muscle mover is your lat.  Keeping your shoulder stationary is key to muscle growth from this exercise, you want to isolate it as much as possible, and not use peripheral muscle.  Do not use momentum to yank the dumbbell upward, this will only cause injury, not muscle growth.