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Dumbell Curl With Twist

Muscle Groups Worked:

Bicep Forearms

How to Perform This Exericse:

1) Start in the seated position with a 60 degree angled bench behind you(Or from the standing position), with your arms holding dumbbells, palm facing toward your midline.

2) While keeping your elbows in a stationary position in space, bring the dumbbells up to the maximally contracted position, as far toward your shoulders as possible,  while rotating your palms to the face up position.

3) Slowly bring the weights back toward the fully extended start position, with your palms facing inward.

Remember to avoid using momentum, you can often see someone rocking back and forth on the bench, this is not the appropriate way to do this exercise.  Keep your elbows in a fixed position in space.  This exercise will hit your brachioradialis more than without the twist involved.